Why Social Work Is a Great Field to Work In

When trying to decide what to major in, you probably have a lot of ideas about what you do and do not want as a career. However, many times, the way you judge a career is based upon stereotypes. If you can cast those aside, you may just find that some careers are actually worth pursuing. One example is social work.

What Is Social Work?

Social work encompasses careers that help people to improve the quality of their lives. It can include anything from working as a case worker who manages government benefits to working on a hospital’s human resources team. The main thing is that all social work jobs focus on is helping people to overcome burdens in their lives. With a focus on social justice, they offer assistance to help people overcome these burdens using available resources.

What Does It Take to Work in This Field?

Many people choose to become a social worker because they have personal reasons for wanting to help others. Some people are truly passionate about working with those who are struggling and helping them to rise above whatever it is that is holding them back. For others, the idea of working with people in a particular situation might be alluring, such as helping people with drug addictions. Almost always there is some personal connection that drawls people to this field.

How Does a Person Become a Social Worker?

Getting started in this career is not too difficult. Many schools, like Case Western, will actually offer great information on exactly what you need to do to enter the field. It’s a pretty straightforward education path. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree at minimum, but some employers require a master’s degree. In addition, you may have to complete an internship and get licensed if you’ll be working as a clinical social worker.  Finding a school isn’t hard because many schools offer programs and some, like ACU, even offer online program options.
In addition, it is a rather easy career to get started, even at the entry level. This is because there is great on-going demand for social workers. It is similar to the healthcare field where people always need the services, so there are always job openings.

What Are Some Reasons to Go Into This Field?

Besides any personal reasons you may have for being interested in this field, there are plenty of other things that might draw you to it. Starting with the fact that social work allows you to become an effective member of your community, helping to make it better and improve citizens’ lives. In addition, you are able to make positive impacts in people’s lives. You can become an advocate for people whose voices aren’t being heard. Finally, there are so many careers in social work from which to choose, from patient advocates to social work professors, that finding where you fit in is pretty easy.

Choosing your college major is never something you can do without thinking about it long and hard. If you are interested in helping people, then take a closer look at social work. It may not be what you think it is. It could possibly offer you exactly what you need in a career.