A Parent’s Guide to Teacher Recognition and Appreciation

Elementary and secondary teachers are the heros of our society. They are often over-worked and underpaid. Here are a few things that you can do to make a teacher understand that you recognize and appreciate their efforts.

An Apple for the Teacher

There is a tradition of children showing appreciation for their teacher by bringing them an Apple and placing it on their desk.  Gifts from your child to their teacher can take many forms. They could give an apple or some more elaborate treat, such as a gift box, from Shari’s Berries or flowers. You could also consider an amazon gift certificate, so they can choose their own gift.

School and Classroom Supplies

Teacher pay is awful. It is even more awful if you consider that many teachers must buy their own classroom supplies. School budgets have been slashed in so many districts that some teachers would be sitting in an empty classroom if they do not buy supplies with money from their own pocket. They also buy things like pencils, paper, notebooks, etc. for students whose parents could not afford them. They are very generous people who care about their community.  To show your appreciation, try to lighten that load for them by donating supplies or cash to the teacher, so they can keep their classroom properly stocked.


Occasionally you may get a request from a teacher to volunteer at some event or school trip. For most teachers, they go to work every day for more reasons than money. They have a calling. Show them that you appreciate their time by giving of your time. Show up and share your time with the young people as well.


The easiest way to find out what would help a teacher do her job better and feel appreciated is simply to ask them. They might come up with answers that would surprise you. Even if they say nothing, they will appreciate the gesture.

Just Tell Them

“Thank you” is a very powerful statement.  The easiest way to thank a teacher is simply to say it.