Montessori schools are on the increase. The main difference between them and traditional schools is that they do not emphasize the use of textbooks, homework, or grades. This is because a Plano Montessori school believes that they are limiting and simply teach rote memorization rather than encouraging the children to seek the answers for themselves. Montessori schools believe that children are internally motivated to learn for themselves, that they are more likely to become self-directed and disciplined when they are allowed to do so. They also believe that children learn best through direct experience.

Home Life of Montessori Student

Montessori schools also encourage students to take the lead in their home lives. Not that they shouldn’t set at least a few boundaries. However, for example, there are various tasks at home that can constitute homework, such as having a choice in washing or drying dishes after dinner. Parents are also encouraged to read to children every day and to incorporate math in everyday tasks such as folding the laundry. Montessori schools believe that this is the way to create high confidence and self-esteem in children. The founder of Montessori education, Maria Montessori, very much believed that education is not effective unless it helps to open the child up to the realities of life. She did not believe that textbooks and academic homework were the answer to that.

The Unique History of Montessori Schools

Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor and educator. She is best known for her unique philosophy on education and scientific teaching. She was one of the pioneers for breaking the gender barrier in education by being allowed to attend an all-boys technical school when she aspired to be an engineer. She graduated from medical school at the University of Rome with honors in 1896.

The first children she worked with were those who were mentally challenged or had a disability of some sort. She researched with the University’s psychiatric clinic and visited kids in the local asylums. She was influenced by the work of Edouard Seguin and Jean Itard. Itard is credited with discovering Tourette’s Syndrome and Seguin is known for his work with children who have cognitive impairments.

At that time, what we now know as special education didn’t exist. Mara Montessori was one of the first to advocate for that. She did so by writing several articles about it and speaking at a conference in Turin urging for the creation of such classes and training staff. Because of her dedicated work, she was eventually appointed as council to the National League of Protection for Retarded Children. In the very early 1900’s, she went back to the University of Rome to study philosophy to figure out how to apply it to mainstreaming children with disabilities. Her ideas began to spread in 1906 when she opened the first Casa de Bambini for a group of children in low income families. Her ideas and schools spread from there and she became known internationally.

This summer’s trivial, yet headline-grabbing fact; that more people applied to go on this year’s Love Island than applied to the 2018 intake of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge; masks the reality that entry to the UK’s two super-elite institutions is still a challenge beyond most mere mortals.

Three A* grades at A Level will see you saunter effortlessly into almost any other UK institution, including the rest of the prestigious Russell Group of selective, research-intensive universities. But the Big Two demand more. A lot more. Unfortunately, they’re not always completely forthcoming as to how a prospective student can clear the barriers to entry. Indeed, it’s not always entirely clear what these barriers are at all.

You may be asking yourself: what should I include on my personal statement to improve my chances? How else can I demonstrate my ability to excel? So here are five things you can do to boost your chances of being offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge:

  • Enhance your credentials via sport

If you’re a sporting hobbyist, whether you play a team sport to a high level or an individual pursuit such as skiing, make the most of this in your application. The Oxbridge admissions tutors like to see a well-rounded person in the making, and combining academic studies with sporting endeavours is a great way of demonstrating this.

  • Play your way in

Play a musical instrument? This is another great way to show the admissions tutors that you’re a well-rounded candidate. By showing that you’ve been able to complement your hard work academically with the equally challenging pursuit of mastering a musical instrument, you’re able to add significant kudos to your personal statement and impress the decision makers.

  • Attend a summer school

Another way you can embolden your personal statement is to attend a pre-university summer school. There are plenty available, such as this one, which is based on the Oxford University campus. These summer schools entail intensive learning and development over the course of a few weeks and demonstrate to university admissions tutors that you’ve sought to go the extra mile to achieve your academic goals.

  • Learn a new language

Learning a new language, or building on your existing linguistic skills, is another sure fire way to impress. In the UK, we’re notoriously poor at developing our linguistic skills in comparison to our continental neighbours. Therefore, by taking the time and effort to master a skill that most of the population either can’t or won’t, you are once again on the right track to standing out.

  • Get some relevant experience

Ultimately, there’s no substitute for gaining real experience of the workplace you seek to one day form a part of. Not only will this be an experiential eye-opener for you, it will also show to the outside world that you’ve gone the extra mile in your determination to seek an insight into one of your chosen potential career paths. If you have any friend or family connections to a relevant workplace, see if you can take advantage. If you don’t, don’t let this stop you. Even making the effort and speaking to the right people can help you on your way to getting some of the right connections for the future.

Spelling and grammar are very important even in this world of social media and texting. If you want to get far in your life, you are going to have to make sure that you have a good grasp of grammar. Without it, people will not be able to get a firm grasp of what you are trying to say. Grammar is not just needed for people who want to be English teachers. There are quite a few jobs that require you to be good at grammar. This is a good enough reason to make sure that your grammar up to standard.

One of the important aspects of grammar is the adjective. An adjective is a word that is meant to either describe or modify a noun. One of the best ways to help people learn about adjectives is to define adjective with examples. An example of an adjective describes a red rose. In this example, the red is the adjective and rose is the noun. If you can master the use of adjectives, you will have an easier time getting the message across in writing. There are also plenty of other aspects of grammar that you need to master in order to succeed at many different job positions.

Among the types of jobs that require an excellent use of grammar are copywriter, editor, freelance writer, paralegal, and plenty of other jobs. One of the best things about grammar based jobs is that you can make tons of money when you commit. At the same time, grammar can also be used for blogging and advertising. Marketers who use proper grammar are seen as more professional and respected. Even if you are bright, tons of mistakes can make you seem ignorant. If you are a decent writer, then you can probably build a business with your writing skills. For one thing, people will understand your message and you will be able to market your brand to them effectively.

As important as grammar is, there is a surprising amount of people that do not have a full understanding of grammar. This can lead to a lot of distracting errors in writing. Fortunately, there are resources that can help people with their understanding. People can download apps in order to learn about the best ways to write sentences. Grammar apps and websites are especially useful for writers. These apps can help writers make sure that the content they write makes sense. They can also impress the clients they work for with their proper use of grammar.

If you want to get far in life, one of your best bets is knowing how to use grammar. If you don’t know how to use grammar, then you can learn from many different sources. One thing you can do is practice your grammar and spelling even with a device such as a smartphone. People who take the time to make sure that their punctuation is proper are more likely to be decent writers. This will also give you the confidence you need to handle the tasks on your job that require you to write down information.

Stress is like the major part of the student life. It is not something that students enjoy but it is something they have to deal with anyway. School life gets really tough when there are lots of the assignments and the term papers that need to be submitted. While doing that, you get really confused like which assignment you should do first and when you should start doing one. The stress starts catching up and you can’t even do the one you are doing fine. So, in that type of situations, you wish you could make a clone of yours that can help you with all these term papers, but why should you wish for the clone when you have the amazing paper writing services available online. There are lots of the websites that offer their help to the students in that kind of situation, and the students can easily reach out to these websites and can get their help with all kinds of the academic writing problems. These websites can either help you write that term paper or write it for you from A to Z. One of such websites is – one of the best websites that a student can ever wish for. Moreover, they are so fast in the services that make them even better. There are also some other services which are also good, but here are all the reasons why is the best service that you can ever wish for. Make sure to check some of the reasons.

On-Time Delivery

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So, these are some of the reasons that are enough to convince you that is the best online term paper writing service. There are some other reasons too like the lower fees, which a student can afford and many others. So, you must get their services, if you ever find yourself in the similar situation.

In today’s competitive world you have to be a step ahead of the rest of your colleagues. What’s the best way to accomplish that? Continuing education seminars give you an advantage. What better way to get the proper knowledge you need to advance your career than to attend an educational seminar.

Continuing Your Education

Whether you’re an accountant, electrician, plumber or judge you can further your career with seminars, webinars, and programs. Never stop learning because you can only utilize and teach what you understand. In May of this year, Ted speaker Rebekah Barnett spoke on thriving with the knowledge you have. The more you know the more powerful you become.

Where Do I Start?

Do your research online first. If the educational provider you’re interested in is in your local area, visit them in person. Make sure you come with a complete list of all the questions you want to be answered such as:

  • What are their hours of operation?
  • What sets them apart from their competitors?
  • What will you need?
  • Will I need a W-9 Form?
  • What advice can they give you pertaining to your goals?

What About Webinars?

There might be certain situations where your availability might hinder you from attending seminars. Don’t let that stunt your growth. The people in this situation are best suited for webinars.

What Will I Need To Be An Participant Of A Webinar?

It all depends on the provider you choose, but typically their platform will have a custom interface you log in to get access to course material. They will inform you of the technical specifications you’ll need to meet in order to be able to participate such as:

  • Operating System Requirements
  • Web Browser
  • Internet Connection Speed
  • Hardware & Software Requirement

They will provide you with live streaming and pre-recorded webinars for your education. You may have a test upon completion of a webinar, so make sure you pay attention and take plenty of notes.

What About Do It Yourself Studies?

This really is for certain people. This sounds easy but is actually harder because it all relies on you. If you don’t have the drive or discipline you can find yourself falling behind and/or losing interest.

Why is Attending A Seminar In Person A Must?

There is a big difference in learning in person than learning via the web. If you’ve ever attended a professional sporting event you know it’s much more of an exhilarating atmosphere than watching it from your couch on your TV screen. When you learn in person you have more interest. There is a higher level of excitement for what you’re doing.

The Most Important Factor Of Attending A Seminar

In an online article found on TechCrunch, written on Oct 30, 2016, entitled, “In a knowledge economy corporate learning is necessary to survive”, Karl Mehta made clear the importance of networking in the corporate sector.

Knowledge is infinite and you could always know more and do better. You’re cheating yourself if you have never attended a seminar and you want to get ahead in your career.

Lecterns are elevated stands or platforms that are heightened higher than the surrounding so that lectures or entertainers can stand out and inspire the public. You may have noticed lecterns in churches, concerts, seminars and more. They are used by public lecturers, performer’s musicians to provide a service or present abilities and skills they would like to offer to the audience.

How Do I Find The Right Lecterns?

Lecterns and platforms can enhance your demonstration, by giving your layout a well-polished theme suitable for your business needs. Prior to purchasing your lectern, you may want to get more familiar with the various types of lecterns available to choose from. Browse online and put in options you prefer and research on how that particular selection could benefit your speaking engagements.

Browse Colors and Styles

The good thing is there are countless styles and colors of lecterns and platforms available. However, some find the extensive menu to be a bit over whelming and it may make it harder for them to pick the right fit.

Online lectern and platform stores offer user-friendly platform assistants to help shoppers browse through the menu to search for the best lectern for speaking engagements. While you are shopping around, you should also consider the color and style of a few podiums that could accentuate your presentation. Color and style are essential, as this is what draws the attention prospects and can assist with the growth of your audience.

Consider Audio for Sound Effects and Enhancements

An essential aspect to think about when picking the right lectern is deciding if you want to have an integrated sound system installed. In the event you are performing in a huge loud room and you do not have a sound system. At this point, it would make since to invest in a suitable lectern with a sound system constructed inside. Here are a few fundamental specifications with a brief overview that are compatible with audio lecterns.

Amplifier/Energy – The amount of watts output from the speakers. For instance, the 40-watt amplifier is a suitable fit for 2,000 people and for an audience for an audience of 3,000 people a 50-watt amplifier would be a great fit.

With Wire or Wireless – There is two selections the wire or wireless option. Nonetheless, the wireless option is more favored as it allows lectures to maneuver freely and safely during live seminars.

Speakers – While shopping for your lectern, be sure to pay close attention to the sizes and how many speakers are installed into the lectern.

Microphones – Audio platforms will come fully equipped with microphones the general types most times offered are the tie clip and handheld.

Inputs/outputs – Inputs is used for microphones and other audio elements that are quite useful for speaking engagements. Outputs are used for extra lecturers or for recording equipment.

Controls – The control setting is also important as it provides accessibility to activate, deactivate, sound, tone, bass and tremble.

Power Network – Some platforms plug straight into an outlet and other types that contain an optional rechargeable battery.

An online secondary school certificate can surely take you puts. Regardless of whether you are hoping to get into school or apply for a lucrative and solid government work, one of the principal necessities you will see recorded is a secondary school certificate. Obviously, these establishments will as a rule not indicate a secondary school confirmation from a conventional school or online school. In any case, you may have heard that a few teachers and questioners keep on looking downward on online recognitions.

You can’t generally reprimand them, considering that some supposed schools offering certificates nowadays are misrepresentation tasks or possibly “recognition factories.” Diploma in Myanmar processes basically give confirmations for cash no instructive speculation required. Covert examinations on these schools have delivered disrupting comes about. A portion of these foundations may even give check administrations to trick bosses into supposing they are genuine. While these trick activities are normally simple to recognize, the negative reputation has harmed other honest to goodness online schools.

Most bosses and school questioners will acknowledge an online secondary school confirmation, inasmuch as the report is from an authorize school. An authorize course implies that the school has gone at any rate the base nature of standard as chose by authentic instructors. Notwithstanding accreditation, the school ought to be in relationship with real associations that are committed to instruction.

Shenton Institute of Applied Finance (SIAF), a 100% Singaporean-claimed, advanced education school situated in Yangon since 2016. We are one of the simple couple of 100% remote claimed advanced education schools in Myanmar. in Myanmar. This by itself recommends profound level of ties, developed with legislative authorities (in both past and current organizations) in the land. All these are influenced conceivable, with substantive Singaporean endeavors, to time, monies and agents.

SIAF trusts that quality instruction changes lives. We plan to create back and coordinations experts with a worldwide point of view so they can add to Myanmar’s joining with the territorial and universal economies.

On the off chance that you are considering getting an online secondary school certificate, contact Continental Academy. This establishment does not just offer certificates but rather really teaches understudies through expert correspondence. They are authorize by essential associations like the Commission on International and Trans-territorial Accreditation and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. For more data on your future secondary school confirmation, visit

SIAF will always endeavor to create experts in an all encompassing way. We point not exclusively to bestow proficient and business learning and abilities in our understudies for Myanmar’s quickly developing economy, yet in addition teach a positive work state of mind, solid feeling of social obligation and a soul of enterprise. We accomplish this through inventive learning techniques and minding understudy bolster.

Mainland Academy is the most moderate completely authorize online secondary school confirmation programs.

The staggering growth of logistic programmes and Aviation industry in India is a clear indication of the prospects of career opportunities in this sector.

One realises the importance of logistics only after knowing what it means to your business when delayed deliveries of raw materials result in frequent downtime and the consequent loss of production. It is the same case when your customers start complaining that their ordered goods do not reach them as promised.

There are tonnes of online tests available to tell us what type of learner we are. But some psychologists believe that an understanding of the psychology of learning would be better served studying external behaviours than internal thoughts and memories. Whether visual, aural, or mechanical thinkers, there is a school of psychology which holds that there are 3 ways in which our brain can be conditioned to learn.

Some of the conclusions that behavioural psychologists arrived at could be very useful when planning your study methods and schedules. Read on for a breakdown of how these can help you.

What is Learning?

There is a consensus among psychologists that learning is a relatively permanent change in behaviour resulting from our experiences. So how is this achieved?

Classical Conditioning

This is the sort of change in behaviour brought on by the famous experiments that Ivan Pavlov conducted on his dogs. By ringing a bell every time the dogs were fed, he was able to cause the dogs to salivate merely by ringing the bell.

Operant Learning

If you want the behaviour to stick, however, you must keep up the stimulus. Operant learning involves continued stimulus which is either positive – rewards – or negative – punishments.

  • Continued reinforcement schedule: This increases the chance of a conditioned behaviour occurring, except for a short time after the stimulus is issued. Psychologist agree this is the best method to use when trying to instil a new behaviour
  • Fixed ratio reinforcement: This method involves issuing a stimulus after a certain number of tasks have been completed and gives a good rate of responding overall
  • Variable ratio reinforcement: This method dishes out stimulus at random, unequal rates. It does produce a high rate of response but it is the same reward system that people get from gambling, so may not best way to instil the new behaviours we’re after.
  • Fixed Interval Reinforcement: Like Fixed ration this method provides regular stimulus. The drawback, however, is that it only provides good responses at the end of the interval just before a stimulus is going to be issued.
  • Variable interval: This method involves providing stimulus at random points in time regardless of output of the subject. Although it does provide response it’s much slower than the other methods.

Observational Learning

Albert Bandura’s ‘social learning theory’ was based on his ‘Bobo Doll’ experiments, in which adults were made to play with Bobo dolls in an increasingly aggressive manner. Those children exposed to the aggressive adult behaviour were more likely to imitate the behaviour.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you take a hammer to your Furbies, but it does show how suggestive we are to the behaviour of others.

The logical conclusion of this is that learning around others will instil the new positive behaviours of your peers more quickly than if you try to learn in isolation. 

What does this mean for your study methods? 

Obviously, you want to learn more quickly and efficiently. That is to elicit permanent behavioural change more quickly. Incorporating this into your study method couldn’t be simpler.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, if you provide yourself a treat – say chocolate, an episode on a Netflix series, or even just a five-minute break – every when you study, you’ll condition a positive behavioural change quicker than without a reward system.  At first these stimulating treats should be continuous; say every time you complete a task on your to-do list. Later, moving on to the fixed ratio reinforcement method – every time you complete, say, 5 tasks on your to do list- will continue to give you the best behavioural response rate.

But remember, stimulus is not kept up your behavioural response will slow down and eventually cease. If you really want to instil new positive learning behaviours for life, continuous learning and reward is required. There’s lots of ways to keep this up during periods of academic inactivity, like Summer programmes, or even just reading widely. But as Bandura notes, you’ll be better served by learning around other that can offer a positive influence.

Understanding the OWLS-II Assessment (Part 2)

We already know that the second edition of the OWLS (Oral and Written Language Scales) assessment includes a set of four scales that provide a comprehensive assessment of language for students. It is a revision of each original oral and written language scale included in the original OWLS assessment, preserving the strongest aspects of the initial test while incorporating a number of improvements.

OWLS-II Improvements

Let’s dive deeper into some of the specific improvements made. While the OWLS-II serves the same purpose as the original OWLS, it contains some changes, additions, and improvements. It preserves many of the same test items, but the new features enhance the value of the test.

The most critical improvement included in the OWLS-II assessment is the reading comprehension portion of the test. Along with the listening comprehension, oral expression, and written expression scales included in the first OWLS assessment, the OWLS-II now contains a reading comprehension scale.

This scale provides the examiner the ability to obtain results that go beyond what most existing reading comprehension tests do. It also measures an individual’s understanding of specific linguistic structures in writing.

Another valuable improvement is the parallel second form, also called Form B, that allows examiners to retest individuals after a short time period. This illustrates and measures progress as a result of specific intervention based on the first test, or Form A.

Along with these significant additions, the OWLS-II also includes some minor revisions to existing test structures. Items were added to measure language in the classroom, giving real-life examples of performance in daily interactions.

Full-color artwork makes the OWLS-II more captivating for young children so they can engage more fully with the assessment. These images reflect modern dress and eliminate outdated cultural references. The OWLS-II also provides alternative correct answers for people who speak different English dialects.

Standardization & Technical Properties

Development of the OWLS-II standardization used a 2,123-person sample of 3- to 21-year-olds representative of the U.S. population in regard to gender, ethnicity, parent education, and geographic region. The test provides age-based and grade-based norms for each of the four scales for use when measuring an individual’s proficiency.

The standardization process included the testing of two validation samples. One sample contains students receiving intervention for speech and language disorders while the other sample comprises students receiving intervention for different types of psychological and behavioral disorders.

These two distinct samples reveal that the OWLS-II scales differentiate widely between individuals who struggle with disorders and those who develop typically. Composite scores that fell between reliable ranges validates the OWLS-II internal consistency. The results prove that the test is stable across forms, within forms, over time, and scored by various clinicians.

Principles of Use

The OWLS-II assessment can be used in a variety of settings like schools, private practices, clinics, hospitals, and intervention programs. The test should be used by professionals with experience in evaluating and interpreting individual assessments with children.

Application of the results of each assessment requires training and experience in child development, speech and language, psychology, or education. It is essential to read and understand the information contained in the OWLS manuals.

Although the OWLS-II provides a complete and integrated picture of oral language skills, it alone should not be used to diagnose or establish treatment for a child. It should be used with other data and information to to benefit the individual being assessed. You can find more about the (OWLS™-II) Oral and Written Language Scales™, Second Edition at WPS online.


Banking sector has created plenty of job opportunities for the youngsters. And thus, lakhs of job aspirant appear for the examination every year. The examination is solely conducted by State bank of India under Probationer Office cadre. Every individual desires to acquire a secured job in the public sector. In addition, the jobs offered by the banking sector are a good salaried job. In whichever field you might have completed your graduation; you are eligible to enroll for the examination. The prerequisite for the examination is to have 60% of marks throughout your academics. Candidates who have secured less than 60% of marks are not eligible to appear in the examination. That is not all, this percentage only make the job aspirant eligible to the examination. The candidature does not assure any confirmation to the candidate.

Now you must be wondering how to qualify this examination. It is one of the most popular and toughest of the examination all over India. In order to crack the examination, you will have to practice regularly and make sure that you are well aware about all the chapters. With passing days, the level of competition is also increasing. Some useful tips are mentioned below by which you can prepare for the examination easily.

Tips for preparation

  • Make maximum use of time – When it comes to cracking the competitive examination, time management is the key point. You should know how to divide your time judiciously and cover up all the subjects within the given time. You should know well how time to be invested in each product. Solving more number of problems in a given will help to enhance your skill and accuracy.
  • Keep away with confusion – One of the most common mistakes made by the candidates while appearing for SBI PO examination is investing more time in one problem. If you are not confident about any problem, then immediately move over to the next problem. If you are unable to get away with your confusion, then you end up losing time. It recurs to negative marks as well.
  • Knowing the shortcuts – With regular practice sessions, you should not forget to revision the chapters that have also already been completed. It will help you to keep everything in your grip. In addition to this, you should know the shortcut tricks well to be able to solve a number of problems within a short time. At the final entrance examination, solving the problem with the help of shortcuts shall help you.
  • Use more practice papers – The more you practice, the better you are able to improve your accuracy level. It is already known that ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ The online test series are available, and you easily access them through applications.
  • Joining coaching classes – SBI PO is one of the toughest of the examinations, it is recommended to join crash courses to get the proper guidance. It shall also help you to analyze both your weak and strong points and revise accordingly. The crash courses conduct regular mock test sessions along with doubt classes for complete guidance.
  • Listing of topics – this will make your preparation easier, and from the list, you will be able to know about which topics who have completed and which are yet to be covered. You should give additional attention to the topics which you find harder among the rest. (Check out SBI PO syllabus here at OnlineTyari).
  • Keep an eye on cutoffs and previous papers – this will help you to know about the tentative cut off for the upcoming examination. Browsing through the previous year’s papers will help you to grasp a better insight into the pattern of the examination.